Card Policy

Klien Card partners with Stripe Payments Company. For money transmission services and account services with funds held at Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC. Klien Card Visa® Cards are issued by Celtic Bank, a Utah-chartered Industrial Bank (Member FDIC).

These Authorized User Terms (“Terms”) apply to your use of the Klien Card. Capitalized terms used in these Terms, but not defined elsewhere, have the meaning assigned to such terms in Section 1.

As used in these Terms, “we”, “us” or “our” refers to Klien Card and Issuer. Unless otherwise indicated, “you” and “your” refers to the person or persons authorized by an entity.

These Terms restate certain provisions of the Klien Card. These Terms do not establish a contract or other legal relationship between you and us. You agree that we may provide you with electronic communications.

1. Definitions:

(a) “Card” mean a business charge card issued by Issuer, and enabled for Transactions over the Card Network associated with the Card. Cards may either be a physical card embossed with a 16-digit number or a virtual card represented by a 16-digit number.

(b) “Klien Card Account” means a account of the Klien Card that is linked to a Card issued to you.

(c) “Card Limits” means the maximum amounts available for Charges on any Card. Your Account Manager will inform you of Card Limits that apply to your Card.

(d) “Card Network” means the payments card network operated by Visa U.S.A., Inc. and/or Visa International and/or MasterCard International Incorporated.

(e) “Charge” means the use of your Card to complete a Transaction.

(f) “Data” means personal or business information provided to Klien Card in connection with the Program, which includes information to determine a Account holder’s eligibility and other information needed by Service Provider to provide the Program and to fulfill its responsibilities to Issuer.

(g) “Personal Data” means information that identifies a specific living person (not a company, legal entity, or machine) and is transmitted to or accessible through the Program.

(h) “Transaction” means a request initiated by you to make a payment with a Card for the purchase of goods or services or to obtain a cash-advance at an ATM.

2. Using Of Payment/Spend Card

You may only use your Card for bona fide business purchases and for valid and lawful purposes. You may not use your Card for personal, family or household purposes. Your Card remains the property of the Issuer and must be returned upon request. We may cancel, revoke, repossess or restrict the use of your Card at any time. We may decline to authorize or reverse Charges or suspend your Card for any reason including violation of these Terms or suspected fraud. We also may decline to authorize Charges at merchants characterized by the Card Network or us as prohibited merchants. We are not responsible for losses resulting from declined or reversed Charges. Merchants typically accept all Card Network-branded Cards; however, we are not responsible and will have no liability if a merchant refuses to honor a Card or accept a Transaction.

3. Card Balance Hold

When you use your Card to initiate a Transaction at hotels, restaurants, gas stations, rental car companies, and certain other merchants where the amount of the final Transaction is unknown at the time of authorization, a hold may be placed on your Card Account for an amount equal to or in excess of the final Transaction amount. We also may place a hold on available funds in your Card Account for certain other Transactions. When a hold is placed on your Card Balance, the amount of the hold will reduce the then-applicable Card Limits until the hold is released.

4. Card Security and Compliance with law

You are responsible for securing your Cards, account numbers and Card security features (including the CVV and PIN).

You must engage in the Program in a lawful manner, and must obey all laws, rules and regulations that apply to your use of the Program

5. Prohibited Person

You represent and agree you are not currently and will not become subject to a U.S. Office of Foreign Asset Control list, or any law, regulation, or other list of any government agency that prohibits or limits us from providing Card to you or from otherwise conducting business with you.

6. Customer Service

If you have any queries or question you may ask us via Live Chat or via Email [email protected]

Last Updated on 24/07/2022